Sunday, 8 January 2012

"Music doesn't hurt when it hits you"

Professor Green :  Alive Till I'm Dead
My love for Professor Green continues to grow always. This album is my go to album if I can't decide on what to listen too, because it puts me in a good mood and I have memories attached to this album. It's quite a gritty album, it's much more polished that his older stuff, but it's still real and not manufactured music. My favourite songs would be 'Jungle', 'oh my god' and 'city of gold', particularly Jungle, I just love the style of the song.

Glasvegas: Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\
When I first listened to Glasvegas a few years ago, I didn't see the appeal. I don't know why, but about a year ago, I heard of them again, listened to some songs and fell in love immediately. 'Shine like stars' is probably my favourite song from the album. It's just a really up beat song ''I feel forwards is the only way'' and it just makes me feel better and want to go out and do something, not long about I was tempted to get some of the lyrics of the song tattooed and if I still want to when I'm 18, I shall. I feel as though this album is very personal, particularly songs like 'I feel wrong'

You Me At Six : Sinners Never Sleep
I have been a fan of You Me At Six since about 2007 when they were playing songs like The Rumour and Save it for the bedroom. Each album they've released, I haven't been disappointed and Sinners never sleep was no different. My favourite songs being 'Reckless' and 'This is the first thing'. I love the album because the songs are different enough to suit different moods, this album has been one of my most played during the last few months.

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