Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year, old clothes.

Today was a lazy day, I just wanted to stay in bed all day with my boyfriend, sadly he had to go to work at 11:30, so  I got my ass out of bed once he'd left. I didn't actually get dressed until about 4 in the afternoon, because I wasn't going out, but by 4 I felt like a tramp so got ready anyway.

Again, this was a very simple outfit, which consisted of Leopard print leggings, which I got from a shop via ebay and a black polo shirt, of which I just found in the clean washing pile and decided to claim it as my own. I adore the leggings, they're something different from you're average black leggings and they just make the whole outfit.

And of course, I wore my beautiful doc martens because they're fabulous and the black went with my top. It's a comfortable outfit for when you're just sitting around the house all day. x


  1. Adore the look, the leggings and the Docs look very good together! I really want to buy a pair of doc martens myself but I can't choose between brown and navy, haha.
    How was your new year's eve? x

  2. Thank you and I think navy docs would be fab! I went for black simply so they go with most things, but I really want some different colours.
    My new year was great thanks, just a house party at my friends, what about yours? x