Tuesday, 17 January 2012

''London calling to the faraway towns''

After the disaster that was my Huddersfield interview, well I wouldn't say disaster...but lets say that anyway, I wasn't at all confident about my other interviews and I'm still considering not actually going to University anymore, but of course I wasn't going to no attend my other interviews.
Strangely, over the last few days, I was some what excited for my interview at UCA, Epsom. I think it was because I'd experienced one interview, so I knew what to expect.

 The drive down to the university was quite nice, the traffic wasn't at all bad and it only took just over two and a half hours.

That isn't saying it wasn't slightly boring, so I thank god that I remembered to take a magazine. I've never really read ELLE before, but after reading it today, I've fell in love and will certainly be buying it next month. I adore the style of writing and an article in there by Annabel Brog actually helped me a lot today. She wrote about her experience in starting a new job and explained how you have to embrace the fear you have and not be scared of it, if that makes sense. I felt as though I was meant to read that article today.

Random photograph of myself, due to boredom . 

The interview turned out to be a group one. There were seven of us in a room, with one of the lecturers from the course, we all explained what we are currently do, education wise, discussed what was included in our portfolio and which designers and magazines we were partial too and we then had to write up an outline of what we would write if we were given the opportunity to write in a column this week. I went for the 'drama' I've recently seen online about people such as Cher Lloyd wearing Doc Martens and Rihanna wearing creepers and said I would discuss whether this is really a bad thing, or a success for the items and how people who have wore these items for a long time feel about them becoming more mainstream.

I'm still undecided about university all together and I'm not really confident that I'll get an offer from UCA, but only time will tell. x


  1. The same thing happened to me with Elle magazine,
    You read it once and you end up buying it every month! :)

    Good luck with the rest of your interviews!

  2. Aha, I'm really excited for the next issue! :)
    And thank you! I think I'll need it xx