Saturday, 21 January 2012

My bbys birthday.

 I spent Wednesday and Thursday with my boyfriend Kyle, as it’s his birthday on Friday, but due to how arrangements have turned out, I will only see him briefly on his birthday. On Wednesday, we went into town after sixth form to look for a birthday present for my best friend Danielle, who’s birthday is on Saturday and managed to find her something, that I love myself, so I might have to keep it and she can accept life, aha, but while in town, Kyle was a darling and bought me a jumper and a set of three pairs of earrings. 

I'm slightly moving away from my usual grunge style and I saw this jumper and fell in love so Kyle grabbed it and insisted on buying it for me, not complaining. I was going to buy the earrings myself, but Kyle was nice enough to pay for them too, what a babe. The jumper is crop, which is a big awkward during the winter, but with high-waisted trousers/shorts it will be fine and I did wear it with a top underneath and it looked fine. Very happy with it.

Both: Republic

After we’d been to town, we went back to my house, ordered a Chinese and just relaxed all night, watching television and chatting. We ended up being awake until 2am, despite having sixth form the next morning.

Thursday morning, we got up and ready and went to sixth form as usual. I went home, while Kyle had a few things to sort out and then he came to mine about six. During the day I’d gone into Sutton and bought a little chocolate birthday cake for him and some sweets, then he turned up at mine with a bag full of sweets and chocolate for us, so we just sat in my room all evening once again watching television and stuffing our faces, although there is still a lot left!

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