Saturday, 21 January 2012

1Direction and Nandos Chicken.

Today is my best friend Danielle's 18th birthday, so yesterday myself, Danielle, Ciara and Emily went into Birmingham town centre and to Nandos for a meal together. We don't go out often as just the four of us and it was really nice. Good food, good company.

This is Danielle, she hates having her photo taken.

Anyway, we wanted to do something nice for her, so we came up with the idea of cupcakes! We bought cakes which were ready made, so that they would all be the same size, we made strawberry and chocolate butter cream and decorated the top of the cakes with that and Ciara bought 1 Direction sugar paper decorations online to put onto the cakes. Just to say, only Danielle is a 1D fan and the rest of us let her know daily how much of a loser she is. 

 We felt like idiots carrying these through town and into Nandos, but I think they turned out pretty well ! We were proud of them anyway. Me and Emily arrived at Nandos slightly before Danielle and Ciara to set up the cakes. We had bought a cupcake stand to put them on and it looked so cute!                

We made sure the candles were lit for when Danielle got to the restaurant and from her reaction, I think she liked it. She took photos of each individual 1D member on the cakes, so my camera if now full of pictures of people I do not care for, but as long as she's happy. After Nandos, we went on a trip to get Danielle hair dye and then back to mine to chill and drink tea. It was a nice evening and Danielle is having a party tonight, which should be fab and I will be posting about that sometime during the week, as I have a busy weekend ahead of me! x

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