Tuesday, 3 January 2012

''There's a party at a rich dude's house''

Well, not quite, but there was a party of my best friends house.
Her parents are brilliant and there a few parties in their household each year and no matter what the party is for, the usual crowd are always invited. 

There isn't much to say really, just a typical party. Lots of alcohol, cigarettes and dancing.
I'm just really happy I got to start the new year with some of my closest friends and my boyfriend.

I wish the pictures were better though, I look terrible in all of them!
I'm wearing a polka-dot dress from Republic, plaited belt from Forever21 and although you can't see them, stockings from Primark and black lace heels from Dorothy Perkins


  1. Great photos. Lovely post:)


  2. Cute photos, love your dress! Is the guy next to you in the last photo your boyfriend?(:

  3. No, my boyfriend is the guy who has his arms round me in practically every other photo, in the blue jumper! :)