Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pretty Please #1

Literally. Due to a complete lack of money, I can't go shopping at all for months, with two of my best friends birthdays coming up, as well am my boyfriends, a lot of money needs to be saved. Therefore, this post is purely to lust over the items I cannot afford and will never have.

So, my 'wish list' consists of these three items.
First a leather look skirt, I love the shape of this skirt, it's completely different to what I'd usually wear and that's why I want it so much.
Second a black velvet dress, I haven't been a fan of velvet until now, I think it gives a normal skater dress a complete new look and I think it's beautiful.
Finally, leather look leggings. Yes, leather look again. They're just a bit different from normal black leggings and can be worn casually and dressy.

If anyone wants to donate money, or buy me these things, just let me know. Haha x

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