Sunday, 8 January 2012

Honour Over Glory

One of my new favourite tops and a outfit of the day post.

 Another top that I've been after for a stupid amount of time, was an Honour Over Glory boobtube. Whenever I thought about getting one, I didn't have the money, so I got this for Christmas.

They have this boobtube in white, black, burgundy and navy blue, I nearly purchased the burgundy, but decided on white, as it means I will be able to wear it with more colours. I got it in small and it is slightly tight around my stomach :( but I don't think it would look good baggy, plus I don't have big enough boobs to wear a medium. Overall the fit is quite good and although it's a boobtube, I'll still be wearing in during Winter/Spring, because providing you layer, you can wear pretty much anything!

This outfit was just to go round to a mates house for a bit of a gathering, so quite casual.
The shorts are H&M black jeans, which I cut into shorts, the tights are from George at ASDA and of course, my trusty Doc Martens.

To actually be able to brave the cold, I wore a grey zip-up jacket and leather jacket as well. I did find that the top fell down slightly, but that's probably down to me dancing a bit too much, so for day wear this top should be  fine. I wouldn't wear a necklace with a top like this, I think with the 'neckline' the way it is, you need to keep it simple for it too look best. x

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