Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week In Pictures #26: What do you need from me?

Haven't used Instagram as much this week as I usually go, not sure exactly why. I've had a good week, apart from the few days that consisted of absolute boredom! Also, this is a plee for people to follow me on Bloglovin! I really don't want to lose any of my lovely followers!

1. In the pub (my second home) 2. Budget beauty buys. 3. Pink!
4. Who needs coke with your name on? 5. My very hyper nephew. 6. Serious face.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

MUA Cover and Conceal Wand

I'm currently living on a budget and a very small one at that, so of course all my make up ran out at the same time. Therefore, when I went into superdrug to replace the items, I had to go for cheap brands. MUA is a brand I've used a fair few products of and overall I'd say I've been impressed, bar the odd product. Before this concealer, I'd been using a concealer stick, which I found to be a bit too thick, yet not providing of enough coverage, so I was happy to try a liquid concealer again.
After my first use of this, I noticed that it worked really well. Dark circles were covered and red marks gone. I chose 'natural' as I have quite pale skin, but I'm not completely ghost like and it suits my colouring perfectly.  Costing jut £1.50 you wouldn't expect it too be such good quality, but I will be buying this again rather than any of the other brands I've purchased in the past as it works just as well, if not better and for a fraction of the price!

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think of it?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Collection Hot Looks Neon Art

I love neon and I love pink, so this colour is perfect for me. The last pink I had that was similar to this was a Models Own nail varnish, which sadly ran out and I couldn't really afford £5 to replace it. I was doing a spot of make up shopping and in Superdrug, if you spend over £3.99 on Collection items, you get a free Collection Hot Looks nail varnish, so I picked up this.
I've not bought a collection nail varnish in years, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this, but I can honestly say I'm impressed. The brush is wide enough that after just a couple of strokes, your whole nail is covered and when it says 60 seconds drying time, you can trust that. My nails dried quickly enough that I was genuinely surprised and it took just two coats to get an opaque finish.

At just £1.99 for a bottle, I will happily be investing in some more colours from their range.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Week In Pictures #25: Time stood still, the way it did before

The detox I planned for this week didn't go too well, as I ended up in the pub twice this week. I got to see friends I hadn't seen in a while though - that's my justification anyway. 

1. Me and my gorgeous sister. 2. Me and my cousin/ 3. Berry smoothie.
4. OOTD. 5. Spur of the moment drinking. 6. My cat is cuter than yours.
7. How I spent many evenings. 8. FOTD. 9. Spent all day watching Prison break.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pretty Please #8

I am dying to buy myself some new make-up, I've ran out of nearly everything, but my bank balance just won't allow it. I've nearly ran out of my favourite lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 101, it needs to be replaced!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Week In Pictures #24:There's just too much that time cannot erase

I had a really good week this week, saw some of my closest friends at the pub on Friday, as well as a few others who I haven't seen in a really long time and I went to my friends for a party on Saturday. A detox may be required this week.
1. Smoothie making. 2. Feels strange not having a middle parting. 3. Spending too much on magazines.
4. Spoons lunch again. 5. Sketched another cow. 6. Vegetarian stir fry.
7. Morning after a night out - no money, few cigs. 8. Me and Emily. 9. Danni and I.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Alternative Jewellery Company

I stand by the fact that a girl can never have too much jewellery, so when I heard about The Alternative Jewellery Company,  I was straight on the website to have a mooch. The Alternative Jewellery Company is run by Paul and Paul and is a relatively new business from Birmingham, so it being based in my hometown is a bit of an added bonus.There seem to be so many jewellery sites popping up on the internet recently, so for me a main factor in which one I choose to buy from is price, so I was chuffed when I saw the jewellery was in my price range! Shipping is just £2.50, with it being free on orders over £20, which is even more of an incentive to spend the last bit of my student loan on there. They're also happy to get certain items in stock if you're looking for something in particular, which I think is great when you want something specific.

I ordered a bracelet, to add to my collection because I obviously don't have enough already. The delivery was quick and the bracelet is good quality, so it's a great addition to the stack of bracelets I wear on a daily basis.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Brace Experience - 1 Year later

Not the usual fashion/beauty post, but it's something I really want to write about. It's quite a long read, be warned!

On June 6th it was a year since I got my braces put on and strangely enough, I’m quite excited about that. 
When I was first told I needed braces by my dentist, I literally thought it was the end of the world. I was eighteen, due to start university the following September and the thought of doing that with braces seemed like the worst possible thing. Of course, I totally overacted, but for me the thought of braces terrified me, because I assumed it would make me even more self-conscious of my teeth than I already was. 

My first specific memory of my teeth being an ‘issue’  was when I was in year four, so about eight or nine years old, when one of my lovely class mates made a comment about my teeth and told me my front teeth looked like rabbit teeth. My front teeth aren’t actually that big, but due to still having milk teeth on either side, they did look big in comparison. I didn’t bother me all that much that he said that, I have a thick skin and brush comments like that off.

It was then in year seven, that my teeth really started to bother me was when I started senior/secondary school. My milk teeth canines had decided to be extremely stubborn, meaning the adult teeth that were meant to go in their place were unable to and instead grew out of my gums, above my milk teeth. For the next seven years, they were referred to as ‘fangs’, by both me and my friends. Although my close friends were completely used to seeing my teeth the way they were and were not immature enough to ‘take the piss’ out of them/me because of them, there were some people who decided it was necessary to. The most common comment was that I was a vampire, which I could deal with if any of my friends had said, but when it’s from people you barely know, it is offensive. I didn’t and still don’t understand what people gained from commenting, reminding me of and making me feel even more self-conscious of my flaws.  

Of course, I did not need reminding of them, they were up until a few months ago, the bane of my life. I have very few photographs in which you can see my ‘fangs’, because I have never smiled with my teeth showing because of them. The only photos I do have in which you can see them, are photos taken of me off guard and which I detest of myself.

For the several years I had my ‘fangs’, every time I went to the dentist, I would ask them to remove the milk teeth, so that the adult teeth would have a chance of moving down and every time I was told that eventually the milk teeth would fall out. Of course this did not occur, so after about four or five years, the dentist finally gave in and removed my milk teeth. I thought this would sort everything out, but sadly not. Up until this time last year, my ‘fangs’ remained in the same place and I was left with two gaps were the should have been.
I think I only went back to that dentist one more time. I went for a routine check-up and was told my teeth were in good condition, no fillings needed or anything like that; however I wasn’t convinced and asked my parents if I could go to another dentist for a second opinion. I ended up going for a check-up at a private dentist practise, which I had been registered at for a few years when I was much younger. After my first check-up, I was told I needed five fillings, teeth removed and braces.
When I and my parents asked the dentist about me having braces, we were told I couldn’t get them on NHS, as it was for ‘cosmetic reasons only’ and they were only willing to put braces on people who needed them. Obviously, I was pretty upset. After I thought my teeth would have been sorted by having teeth removed and then them not being, braces were like my last hope and I’d been refused them. 

The fillings and such were done quickly, no problem at all; however the issue of braces was just that, an issue. When the dentist first mentioned braces, I actually welled up, as pathetic as that sounds. It was because my immediate thought was that having braces would draw even more attention to my teeth and I couldn’t deal with it, but after thinking it through I realised that it was either two years of braces and the end result being nice teeth, or continue having horrible teeth for the rest of my life. Pretty easy decision really.

Unable to get them on the NHS, it was a case of paying for braces, or not having them at all. Braces basically cost a fortune, so when my parents and I were told just how much they were going to cost, I immediately told my parents to forget it. I couldn’t let them pay that amount, as much as I hated my teeth. After about a month of deliberation, my mother basically told me that she was willing to pay for me to have braces, as she knew how self-conscious I was because of my teeth and me being happy was more important than money.
So on June 6th, 2012 I finally got braces. Getting them put on was fine, but learning to live with them was the tricky part. My gums suffered a lot from cuts because of the brackets, I was unable to bite food for a couple of weeks, I remember cutting up a piece of toast into about sixteen pieces so that I could just place them in my mouth and chew them, however after a few weeks it gets a lot less painful. Even then after quite a few weeks it was still painful, but possible to eat food somewhat normally.

One of the main problems with my teeth was overcrowding. In the last year I have had two teeth removed; both on the left side of my mouth, one upper, and one lower. This was to allow my teeth to fit in my jaw properly and to enable the brace to work and straighten my teeth. As well as having teeth removed, I also had to have a bite plate for about six months, if I remember correctly. The reason for the bite plate was because my bite was wrong. My back teeth had not erupted fully and I had a larger than normal overbite. The bite plate meant I was unable to bite down fully, therefore giving my back teeth a chance to finally grow properly. This meant, once again I was unable to eat properly, as I was unable to chew food. Having the bite plate also gave me a lisp, which was not welcomed at all. The day I got the bite plate, I had gone to the dentist straight from sixth form and as I was walking to get the bus home, I started welling up again, like the over dramatic person I am obviously. It was a case of, I thought braces were bad enough, yet this was another thing to add to it and neither I, nor the dentist was sure how long I would have to wear the bite place to begin with. 

Of course, I started university and was still having to wear it and although my lisp had a got a huge amount better over time, I was still far too self-conscious and embarrassed to wear it as I was having to meet new people. Although I should have worn it constantly, I only wore it while sleeping. Luckily, it still worked and I was able to get rid of it after about six months. I was so relieved it was unreal.
Ever since then, my trips to the dentist (which are a monthly thing and have to be arranged far in advance as I have to come up from Southampton for them) have consisted of the usual things like the wires being changed and brackets being put back on after I’ve broke them off eating skittles or something. Therefore the only problems I have now are that after the wires have been replaced with thicker ones, my teeth ache for two or three days afterwards and it’s painful to bite into food, but I’ve got used to that now and just take a few painkillers.
So up to the present day, one year after I got my braces I am insanely happy with the way my teeth are. I could quite happily have my braces removed now. Although not perfect, my teeth are a million times better compared to before I got braces. I’ve got between six months to a year left with my braces and I can honestly say I do not care anymore. Everyone I know is used to seeing me with braces and don’t notice them, but when they are brought up I just get told how much my teeth have changed and how much better they look and people who I meet don’t seem to notice/care, so I figured, why should I? I am so much more confident now more than even, which I never thought I’d be with braces. I actually smile a hell of a lot more as well. I’m really excited to see my teeth without braces, although I’ve been told wearing a retainer isn’t much fun!

To anyone reading this who is debating getting braces, or knows someone in that position, I cannot urge you enough to get them. Yes, they can be uncomfortable at times, yes, having metal brackets and wires on your teeth may not be the best look and yes, travelling to the dentist and sitting in the waiting room past your appointment time every month is irritating and boring, especially when they don’t get new magazines in often enough, but it is all worth it. Especially if you’re able to get them free on the NHS. I cannot thank my parents enough for being willing to pay for mine. I’m possibly only 50% of the way through my time having braces, but I cannot explain how happy I am with my teeth now and how much happier I will be when they’re off and I have teeth that I feel comfortable enough to smile with. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week In Pictures #23: Just me and these walls

I seem to mention the weather in all of my week in pictures posts nowadays, but seriously how great has the weather been? I've had a really nice week this week, the sun seems to make everyone so much happier. P.S. the fact I'm on #23 of my WIP posts is scary as hell, this year is going far too fast.

1. Face. 2. On offer for £1, best ever. 3. Homemade smoothie.
4. Shopping with my sister. 5. BBQ on the cloudiest day this week. 6. Beauts.
7. Beautiful new phone. 8. And such a cute phone case. 9. Waiting for the BBQ to get going.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Primark and New Look Haul

 Today, I took advantage of the fact my younger sister had the day off school and we went into town for a little bit of retail therapy. I was in dire need of a bag, as yet again mine had broke. This time it was the teeth of the zip that gave up and for the last few days I've been using a replacement bag that I'm not a great fan of. I saw the black bag on New Look's site a few days ago for just £19.99. I always go for black bags, as they go with everything! Of course, a trip to Primark occurred, where I bought the rest of the items. I fell head over heels in love with the polka dot pinafore dress and the floral bralet. The crop top was bought purely because it was only £3 and you can never have enough basic tops. The necklace, I'm pretty sure I saw on a blog a few days ago and loved so when I saw it in Primark, I had to have it -it's made up of spikes in gold and pink! I'm now having to give up shopping for the rest of the summer, as my student loan is quickly disappearing.

What do you think of what I've bought?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Week In Pictures #22: So sick to death of the sight of you now

Spent my week, probably drinking too much alcohol and trying to make the most of the weather after a few days of nothing but pure rain.

1. Reading in the sun. 2. Cow sketch, so cute. 3. Brum at the Cov transport museum.
4. Night in Cov, listening to 1D (not a fan) 5. Night in, drinking tea. 6. New favourite smoothie,
7. Drunk. 8. In the park, practically freezing. 9. From the park, to the pub for Pimms.

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