Friday, 31 August 2012

Get lippy

I'm not one to wear lipstick everyday and then when I do, it tends to be nude or light pink in colour. As I focus more on my eye make-up, adding a bold lipstick would look a bit OTT for my liking.
I don't have loads of lipsticks, but for how often I actually wear it, I probably have too many and because I don't wear it that often. I don't own expensive brands. My collection consists on MUA and Barry M

LP52 Lip Paint - Shocking Pink LP101 Lip Paint - Marshmellow
You can't knock Barry M for their colours, they're pigmented. The colours are bold and last all day! My only issue with them, is with the Marshmellow lip paint. In the tube it looks like a soft nude colour, but it goes on your lips nearly white and looks like foundation. The only time I wear it now, is as a base for another colour as it tones down the colour over it.

Shade 6, Shade 12, Shade 4, Shade 11, Shade 10
Overall, I do like MUA, however despite claiming to be 'packed full of pigmentation', some of the colours really aren't. As you can see mainly Shade 12 and 4 are quite glossy and shade 4 definitely looks like gloss on lips rather than lipstick, luckily I still love the colour and have bought several tubes of it over the past couple of years. It is one of my most worn colours.
For the rest of the colours I've tried, I've been impressed. Bold colours, which last! Something which isn't expected for a £1 lipstick.

Overall, both are brands I would use again. There are a few aspects of each brand which aren't perfect, but they are cheap and reliable lipsticks. They also last ages!

Have you tried these brands? What's your opinion on them?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mix it up, take a chance.

The weather is half decent today and I wanted to take advantage of that, despite me not actually going out until this evening. I went for simple outfit, but I think I love it and what to wear this everyday.
I went a bit camera crazy today...sorry!

The crop top is my sisters and I've been planning on borrowing it since she got it, it's from New Look and it's kids size age 11! My boohoo shorts of course! New Look cross necklace, which I adore. My boyfriends checked shirt, which is from Topman and my lovely Doc Martens.
I feel kind of fifties/grunge today, so it's a very strange combination. My hair was up in a topknot, but I didn't like how it went today, so I look it down and shoved it up in a clip. I like the messy look of it.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Back to how things used to be

I went for lunch with my boyfriend to a local tea shop on Saturday, which I'm sure I've mentioned before. I can't get over how cute it all is and it makes me want to move to the country and serve tea in teapots and bake cakes for the rest of my life.

Little trips to places like these make me so happy, even if we did have to run through the rain to get there! The scones were to die for and it's a nice little lunch that isn't too expensive. I think for two meals, tea and scones it was just under £15

From what you can see of my outfit, I'm wearing a Republic Slogan Vest, a Topshop chunky purple chain necklace and my Primark blazer.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

WIP #5: Oh, let's get old fashioned

Again, had quite a decent week. I've been to the gym twice, spent the weekend with my boyfriend, and went to Nandos with my friends. Little bit of info for you all; I can't even hack the lemon and herb sauce. I'm that much of a wimp! 

1. Designing a tattoo, my boyfriend said he'll pay for it as my xmas present, I'm also drawing one up for him atm.  2. Well done cards from my boyfriends family 3. Decided to change my hairstyle
 4. My sister signed up to it, now I get it. 5. Smallest Haribos ever. 6. On the way to Nandos
 7. Photos from Southampton Solent 8.  My beautiful dog 9. Prison break marathon has begun
10. The nicest scones ever 11. Cute tea and teapot 12. Drinking resulting in stupid photos.

Friday, 24 August 2012

A leopard never changes its spots

Has anyone else been completely bored today? The weather has been rubbish, it's cold and raining and I actually resorted to playing cards with my mother and sister! I guess it's a good job I put very little effort into my outfit today.

only just noticed the ladder in my tights, damn.

My shorts are my biggest love right now, I bought them from boohoo a month or two ago and I have completely worn them to death! The belt came with a Primark dress I bought, it's so flimsy and rubbish, but it added a pop of colour, so why not? The leopard print top is from H&M and it's so easy to throw on with anything, although it isn't the most flattering top, it's fine to lounge around the house in. Finally, my Converse. Everyone seems to be wearing them these days to the point it is kind of irritating, but I will always love mine, these are my second pair, after my first got covered in paint :(

Has anyone been lucky enough to have an interesting day, unlike me?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Outfit of the day

Very quick outfit post because I'm due to go out shortly. I'm just going to meet a few friends for dinner, so I've gone for a smart/casual look.

 My trusty black skinny jeans that I've had for a few years now which I bought from New Look. The top is also from New Look and is a long line top, but I've tucked it into my jeans.
I'm so New Look today! The necklace is from there too! It's a chunky multi chain necklace and my earring, if you can see it is one I made myself from rosary beads. I'm wearing my usual bracelet stack and ASOS watch and I've decided to change it up a bit today and not wear my hair in a top knot! I thought a side plait would look cute. I'm teaming this with my new pink blazer, to inject a bit of bright colour into the outfit.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's in my make-up bag

My make-up collection leaves a lot to be desired, but I can't afford to spend £20+ on one item, so I have to try and find quality at affordable prices.

 Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer, Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I have no complaints with any of these products. The foundation provides great coverage and matches my skin tone well and the powder finishes off my skin with a matte look, which I love!

 Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil,
Collection 2000 Colour Last Mascara. I don't know the brands of my tweezers.
The Liquid eyeliner is one I've been using since I was 12/13 and I don't think I'd bother trying a new one. I like the brush shape, it lasts for ages and gives a solid black colour. The eyebrow pencil is another item I don't think I'd leave. I tried an MUA pencil and it was dire in comparison to this.
The mascara is possibly the worst mascara I've ever owned. It separates lashes, but by that is means it clumps up your lashes so you end up with 4 thick lashes and it's just dreadful. Need to buy a different brand asap!
My tweezers do the job and that extra mascara brush is to brush through my eyelashes to actually separate them properly!

Powder Brush, ELF Bronzer Brush, MUA Bronzing Powder
I don't know the brand of my powder brush, but it does the job well! I love my bronzer brush, the angled brush makes the bronzer go on so well. The bronzing powder is a cheap one and I find some of their colours are quite glittery, but I found one I like and I'll stick with it.

Technic Mirror, MUA Lipstick, MUA Lipgloss, Technic Last Glue, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
I really like nude/natural coloured lipstick/gloss and these two being so cheap and good quality are great. I've already reviewed the lash glue, but in short it's great! I keep my dream matte mousse in my bag despite using liquid foundation just in case I need to quickly apply some foundation.

These is my current make-up wishlist!
Clinique High Impact Mascara - I tried a sample and I love it!
Models Own Balearic cool - The colour is just gorgeous!
MAC Pink Nouveau - My friend recommend this and I need it in my life. I love pink lipsticks.

What's on your make-up wishlist? 

Monday, 20 August 2012

What's in my bag.

I've seen a lot of these posts since I've been on blogspot, so I thought today I'd finally do one myself as I always find these sort of posts interesting. Here's hoping mine is interesting as well!

 My bag is a blue and white striped shoulder bag, which I got from Forever21. It's the perfect size for me, as I can fit all the rubbish I carry with me all the time in it.

 So this is the contents of my bag.
My Barbie make-up bag, which is a perfect size for all of my make-up, apart from my ELF bronzer brush, so that's kept separately. My purse, which is from River Island, it's a bit pointless as I never have any money in it. My keys and Tesco clubcard, because I spend too much on magazines and sweets there. That little pink case contains silicon strips for my braces, so it's not very exciting. 

An umbrella is a must when living in England. The weather can turn from sunny to storm in an instant. My memory stick has been in my bag since sixth form and I haven't taken it out, despite not using it anymore. Deodorant and hand gel. I'm a bit weird about my hands being clean, so it's become a necessity. My new sunglasses from New Look! For the few days it's sunny here. My phone, which is a HTC Desire S, it is the bane and love of my life at the same time. Finally. my iPod, which I struggle to leave home without, bus journeys are so boring without music!

Okay, so was this even interesting at all? I was considering a 'what's in my make-up bag' post, would it be worth it? 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Roll with it.

I've had a really good week! Kyle got back off holiday, I passed my  A-levels, spent time with my sister, shopped and ate a lot of chocolate. Only downside was my migraines stopping me from being at V-Festival, but I made the best of a bad situation and had a half decent weekend.

1. My kitty looking fierce 2. Treated myself to some make-up  3. Love these necklaces
4. Painted in my sisters room part I 5. MUA Nude nail varnish - Recommend! 6. Plagued by illness
7. Johnny Cash = Legend. 8. UCAS. Uni place confirmed 9. My father being enthusiastic about it.
10. Had a greedy week in regards to my eating. 11. Rubbish weather 12. In dire need of a haircut
13. Favourite purchase of the week 14. Greedy week continues 15. Painted in my sisters room part II

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Post A-level results shopping

Considering I've just got a place at University, I felt today was a good day to buy myself a few things that I've wanted/needed for a while. I didn't have that much money to spare today, so I would have bought a lot more if I could.
I found these jeans in Primark, marked at £9. I've wanted some blue jeans for ages as I only have coloured ones and these were perfect. They're super skinny as I can't bring myself to wear any other cut and to top it all off, when I got to the till they were £5!

Praise to my boyfriend for spotting this! As mentioned plenty of times, I've wanted a new blazer for ages! This was £19 from Primark and I love the baby pink colour. It was made even better by the fact it's a size 6!

I broke my sunglasses a week or so ago, so I needed a replacement. I found these in New Look for only £2. I love the style and pattern on the frames, lets just hope the weather stays sunny!

Lastly, my black flats were in a dire state, they were embarrassing to wear! With not a lot of money left I opted for Primark again. Flats don't last me very long so I don't want to spend a lot of money on them. These were £6 and the nicest of Primarks selection.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Pretty Please #7 Strong riffs and heavy drumming

I'm sad because I was meant to be at V festival this weekend, but due to dreadful migraines I haven't been able to go, therefore I've spent my day watching Sex and the City and browsing online.
I'm really liking the whole 'grunge' trend, I wouldn't actually call these clothes grunge at all, but I like them all the same.

1. This Black vets is from River Island and I live the pattern, it's just something a bit different from an average black vest top.

2. I've wanted a dip hem skirt for so long now and this one from New Look is lovely and available in three other colours.

3. It's not something I'd usually like, but this top from River Island caught my eye and I think it would look great with skinny jeans.

4. I'm still yet to find a new blazer, this one from New Look however might be the one. 

5. I love these acid wash jeans from Topshop and they will be perfect in the Autumn.

6. Again, thinking on Autumn/Winter this hat from Topshop looked really cut, I love the colour fade

7. I'm not one for jumpers, but seeing this actually made me want it to be winter (it may as well be with the rubbish weather in the UK) so I can be warm and cosy in this Topshop 

8. I don't have a black bag at the moment after my old one broke, I saw this on Boohoo and I really liked the stud detailing.
So, I got into Southampton Solent University to do Writing Fashion and Culture! I'm really excited, but really scared at the same time about moving away.
I move on the 22nd of September, so I have just over a month to sort everything out.
If you know of anyone going to Solent, let me know! It'd be cool to know at least one person before I go.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

More than just a little bit of lace

I'm just going to my boyfriends today, but I haven't seen him for a while and decided to take a break from my usual shorts and vest top style and go for something a bit prettier and more feminine.
I absolutely adore this dress, I bought it from Missguided last year for about £25 and it's definitely one my favourite items in my wardrobe.
I wanted to keep my outfit simple so I wore the dress with a black blazer that I've worn to death, which I bought from New Look four years ago! It was my school blazer, but it's lasted so well.
As usual, my watch and stacked bracelets feature in this outfit, as well my hair being in a top knot.

Top Knot Tutorial

Thought I'd make a quick blog post, because I've started using a hair donut in my hair to make my top knot.  I used to back-comb my hair when it was in a pony tail and wrap my hair, but I hated doing it because of the damage back combing does. I then realised I could just use a donut and luckily there was one randomly in my house. It's a blonde donut but my hair completely covers it so it's fine!

Using a donut is so easy! There are loads of videos on youtube explaining how to do so.
I put my hair in a high pony tail. Covered the donut and with my hair  and secured it with a bobble. Wrapped the rest of my hair around the bun and pinned with grips. Simple!

It is slightly messy as I prefer a messy up do, but for nights out and such I'd make my hair look much more sleek and perfected.

Monday, 13 August 2012

The windows were bending and decorated with rain

Today I just did a little bit of shopping with my sister, so I'm wearing quite a casual outfit.
My burgundy skinny jeans are from Miso at Republic and my lace top is from George@ASDA, which I altered; taking out the elastic from the waist to create a flowy top.
My accessories are my usual stacked bracelets and watch and two gold necklaces, one a dream catcher, the other a floral pendant which are my sisters, so I'm not sure where they are from and of course my hair was in a top knot.