Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sex, Studs, Rock n Roll.

 I am in love with the new studded trend that is about right now. I've loved studs since I bought my first studded belt at the age of about 13, so having the shops filled with clothes covered in studs is wonderful!

This is my most recent purchase. It's a jumper from Topshop, which I got for about £7 off eBay.
A dark green colour with gold pyramid studs. It would usually be perfect for the British weather, but  of course, as soon as I get a jumper, the sun comes out, not that I'm really complaining about the gorgeous weather.

Studding clothes is so simple. meaning there isn't any need to go out and buy brand new clothes that are expensive just because they're covered in studs. If you have an item you love but want to add a bit of detail and bring it into trend, just add some studs. I've done in myself!

I've had this denim shirt for a couple of years and haven't wore it in a while, but I think just a little bit of collar detailing gives it a whole new lease of life!

Neon Lights

Neon colours are right on trend at the moment, but that doesn't mean you need to spend a load of money on a bright yellow blazer or 6 inch orange heels! There are easy and subtle ways to put a neon punch into your outfit.

Models Own nail varnish is my favourite nail varnish brand right now. Two coats and you have perfect coverage, plus I love the simple design of the bottles and the great range of colours they offer.
This particular colour is 'Bubblegum' and the first photo do not do the colour justice at all, but the second most certainly does!

An amazingly bright pink colour, which is very noticeable and I have even been complimented on my nail varnish by a random woman on the bus and a male friend of mine even noticed it and commented on it! At £5 a pot, you can't really go wrong.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Well deserved splurge

I have basically being saving money all throughout this year for friends birthday presents and going out for their birthdays, so I haven't really had any 'me money'. Well, after my birthday finally came about I ended up with a nice amount of money for a shopping trip. I didn't actually end up spending it all, despite living in a city with the Bullring shopping centre, it wasn't good to me the day I went, however I still managed to pick up a few pieces I adore!

First off was a trip into Primark to see what bargains I could find and I found these! A pink sheer blouse with black heart detailing for £10. I love it, it was the first thing I saw when I walked in the shop. It's really pretty and I'll be able to dress it up or wear it casually, so it's a great item. I then found this dress upstairs, black and white striped with a skinny red belt. Again, it was £10, so I was more than happy. I'm able to wear the dress now despite the terrible weather, by teaming it with black tights and my Docs, but I also be able to wear it in sunny with some ballet flats or brogues.

I'd seen this top on the Topshop website the night before I went shopping and I swore that if it wasn't in store, I'd buy it online, despite the £4 delivery charge. Luckily for me, it was in store! It was £18 and I absolutely love it. It's quite different to the sort of things I usually wear and I'm not confident enough to rock it with my midriff out, so some high-waisted bottoms will definitely be accompanying it.

I had sort of given up with New Look, I feel as though the clothes have gone downhill in the last few years, but I'd been given a gift card for New Look as a birthday present, so I had a browse. I came across this for only £7.99 and I was chuffed. I love the floral pattern creating the skull and it will be perfect for a casual look with leggings, but I think I could wear this with pretty much anything.

Finally, this was my last purchase of the day. A skater skirt from Miss Selfridge. Again, Miss Selfridge isn't somewhere I tend to shop, but I popped in on my way out of the bullring. I've been looking for a skater skirt for months and this is pretty much perfect! I wore it yesterday when I went for a meal and it's perfect for disguising a food baby (just a tip there) plus it's very flaterring on the waist and makes it look tiny!

I definitely want to take another trip shopping soon and maybe pick up some accessories, as I haven't bought any in quite a while!