Sunday, 29 January 2012

Poodles and Pandas

I hate not being able to get a full body shot and having to take a couple of pictures just to show my outfit, but there isn't a lot I can do about that, so I shall have to continue.
This was my outfit on Thursday, it was just a usual day at sixth form and I went out afterwards as my boyfriend was getting a tattoo. (might stick a picture up of his tattoo at the end of this post) 

I bought this dress ages ago from Primark and I was really happy with my purchase. It's quite short however, so I couldn't wear it with just tights, leggings are a must! It's a really nice style dress, it has small sleeves which are really cute, goes in at the waist and flairs out slightly at the skirt. I've actually heard someone mention they really like my dress before when I was in a restaurant. Stranger compliments are nice.

As I said leggings are a must with this dress, otherwise you risk your bottom being on show to the world! I thought I'd wear some shoes I don't wear often, because I seem to live in my docs, so I went for my converse. I do love converse and I've still got a pink pair from when I was 11, so I've loved them for a while, the only complaint I have, is that they rub on my feet quite a bit, so thick socks need to be worn with them.

This hat is so cute and matched my converse colour-wise, plus I wasn't having the best hair day that day either and the wind was ridiculous so it was very useful for keeping my hair out of my face.

This is my babes tattoo, the day it was done so still sore obviously. He loves it and so do it! Makes it ten times better that I drew it up for him and it was his birthday present from me!

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