Monday, 30 April 2012

Birthday Celebrations

 It was my birthday on the 27th of April and I must say, I got some amazing things.

Jeffrey Campbell Litas
I recently bought some lookalikes and then my best friend Danni surprises me with the real deal. I cannot explain how happy I am.
They are beautiful, as well as comfortable so I cannot say one bad word.

 I woke up to these presents and cards off my mother and sister. So cute!

 Lovely flowers off my older sister, I love getting flowers.

Topshop shorts and sidekick from Ciara

My sister made me this fabulous  cake and cupcakes.

Friday, 20 April 2012

you can never have too many shoes

I have lusted over Jeffrey Campbell Litas for so long, but with the £100+ price tag I was never going to get any. I started to noticed not only lookalikes on ebay, but high street stores were being influenced by the style and I was seeing similar styles everywhere! So with it being my birthday next week, I knew exactly what shoes I wanted.

I searched online for a while and found some on eBay, but unfortunately they didn't have my size. I then found which have a great range at good prices!

I went for the Black leather look, because they will go with practically everything!

I've never loved a pair of shoes more and I cannot wait to wear them out.
I've been wearing them this evening around the house to get used to them and they are really comfortable to walk in, so I assume they won't be too bad to wear out in town.

I ordered two pairs of ballet flats from h&m over a month ago. The black pair I ordered were delivered within a week or two, but for some reason the nude colour took over a month. I experienced bad delivery time with h&m once before, but assumed it was a one off. I don't think I'll be ordering online again, unless there is something I really want but can't get in store.

I am pretty happy with the shoes though. They are £7.99 a pair, are available in a variety of colours ,I wanted a nude pair to wear in the summer instead of wearing black all the time and they are comfortable to wear, as well as being easy to throw on with any outfit and still look good.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


My parents have been away for nearly a week and I haven't kept up with the washing, therefore I'm running out of clothes to wear that are suitable to the stupid weather Birmingham is having at the moment. Raining, windy and cold!

So, my outfit is very simple. Black leggings from Primark, a red checked shirt also from Primark and black Doc Martens.

 My make-up is my usual style with the MUA lipstick I mentioned in a previous post, I love the colour! My hair, due to the fact my extensions aren't doing it any good is tied up in a messy bun. I think this style makes my face look slimmer, but I feel like I haven't made much of an effort with my hair up.

I had to accessorise, if only a little bit, so I chose my double layered cross and pearl necklace, bought from ASOS.

Today I'm just going to pop to the shops and get a few bits for the house and later on I'm going to my friends for a girly night of tea, ice cream and much more junk food! 

Friday, 6 April 2012

in front of the camera

As part of my art project for my A-level I am making a magazine, only a small one though, about 50 pages. I have used a couple of my friends as models and sort of ran out of people to ask, so I had to model myself. My friend Emily took the photographs. Unfortunately, my camera decided to play up so we used my mobile camera, even so I think they came out pretty decent.


The above picture and the one below were for a 'spring trend' page in my magazine. Cute florals and lace sort of thing. The jumper i bought from Primark about two years ago, the skirt from h&m and the shoes are from New look, which I bought about two years ago as well.

This outfit is for a page about smart dressing, e.g blazers and collars etc. The blazer and vest top are from New Look, Jeans from Republic, Shoes from Dorothy Perkins and Necklace from Forever 21.

It was pretty embarrassing having to pose like that in front of the camera, but it was a laugh at the same time. We got a few good pictures which I will use in the magazine and I think after a few tweaks, it will be complete!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Make Up Academy

As far as I am aware, MUA is a relatively new make-up brand. I first noticed them about a year ago, in Superdrug, Birmingham. The first thing I noticed about them was the price of their products. Everything was being sold for £1, which I thought was just an introductory price that would soon rise once the brand had gained more popularity, but after a year has gone by, their products are as cheap as ever!
The first thing I bought was MUA Lipstick in shade 4 (light pink lipstick pictured below) and I've bought it ever since, I literally haven't been without it for a year. It isn't the best quality make up, which I assume would be obvious due to the low price, there are of course better lipsticks available, however for a cash-strapped student like myself, it is perfect. I have purchased Lipstick Shades: 4, 13, 12 and 3, as well as bronzer shade 3.

The colours of the lipstick last for approximately 6 hours, which is fine, it's not hard to reapply lipstick is it? The bronzer is just an average bronzer; make sure you get the right shade to match your skin tone accordingly. I myself has made the mistake of buying one too dark and ending up looking like an idiot, but shade 3 works well with my skin to create the look of defined cheekbones. 
Bronzer: Shade 3, Lipstick shade: 4 and 3

Shade 3(left), Shade 4(right)