Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pretty Please #10

I saw the grey dress on another blog and thought I'd check out where it was from, that led me to Karma Clothing. I've heard of it before and seen a few people blog about items from there, but I'd never got round to having a look myself. I was impressed with the price of the items and the fact I found a lot I would love to add to my wardrobe! I particularly love both dresses and the jumper. It's upsetting that I'm already thinking of winter clothing when it's only July and when I saw the red skirt, I thought it'd be really cute for around Xmas time.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Week In Pictures #30: Lying on the ground, staring up at the stars

I've been slacking with blogging this week, but if I'm honest, I haven't bought anything recently to review or any new items of clothing to do an outfit post, but once I'm no longer poor, that'll change.
This week I've spent my time sitting in the sun and drinking vodka, just the usual.

1. Necessary after a night drinking. 2. Walking my pup. 3. New book - brilliant so far.
4. Boredom. 5. The pub is my second home. 6. Stayed up all night watching heroes. 
7. LBD 8. Ring of fire with homemade cards. 9. Out for my aunts hen night.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week In Pictures #29: Kiss me hard before you go

Had such a good week! Saw monsters university while drunk, spent time with my nephew, had a night out with my friends and was organising my fathers 50th party as well. The party was great and I might do a post about it later in the week once I've sorted through the photos.

1. Pretty. 2. Debating bleaching my hair. 3. Mini-fab.
4. Ice blast and Monsters University! 5. Passed first year of uni. 6. War wounds after a night out.
7. Bleached my hair. 8. Cupcakes for my fathers party. 9. Finished birthday cake.(It tastes so good btw)
10. Favourite shoes. 11. FOTD. 12. Very drunk with Ciara and Sophie.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream

I recently got this as a little freebie in Glamour magazine. Often I discard freebies as I always seem to get hair products that I never get round to using, but I saw this was a face moisturiser from Balance Me and thought I'd give it a try.
Up until now, I've been using Skin System moisturiser from Asda and have never really tried many different brands before. I really like the look of the bottle, it's neat looking, but not boring due to the use of colour.
Balance Me claim the moisturiser is 'easily absorbed' and I have to agree, it's not greasy and doesn't sit on my skin ages after application. There is a floral scent to it that I love and it smells familiar, but I cannot for the life of my figure out what else I've used that smells similar. A massive plus with this product is that Balance Me's products are not tested on animals and that's something I'm becoming more and more concerned by and checking for when I buy new products. I've definitely noticed my skin feeling less dry since using this moisturiser and if it wasn't for the cost of it being out of my price range, I'd happily buy it, but at £24 for 50ml, it's just not something I can indulge in which is such a shame. However, if you're lucky enough to be able to splash your cash, I'd recommend it!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Week In Pictures #28: This is where you belong

I'm sure I'm not the first to say thing, but wow hasn't the weather been gorgeous this week! I've spent pretty much every day out in the garden at least, trying to top up my tan. Not that I'm that tanned, I'm a pale skinned girl forever.

1. Basking in the sun. 2. Queued up for what felt like forever for this. 3. New polka dot flats.
4. Heart shaped ear tunnel, so cute. 5. Ice cream while babysitting my nephew. 6. "All black errything"
7. Drinks with Ciara. 8. Reading The Autobiography of Johnny Cash. 9. Sunday evening reading.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pretty Please #9

The dress is definitely not something I'd usually go for, but after going to Godiva Festival and seeing people in gorgeous boho style clothing, I would love something like this. Of course I'd probably wear it with a leather jacket and doc martens though. The purse is something I'm actually in need of, I haven't had a new purse in ages and I'm bored of mine now! The rest of the items are things I'd love to add to my summer wardrobe. The wedges are my favourite and would be perfect for a wedding I'm going to in August.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Godiva Festival 2013

Last weekend, me and my best friend Ciara headed to Coventry to attend the Godiva Festival, held in War Memorial park. The weather was almost perfect, as I personally think it was a little bit too hot for me, but I dealt with it and I'm not complaining! It could have rained!

We got to Coventry a few hours before the festival started, so we took the opportunity to bask in the sun and have a few drinks.

The festival was on from 6:00pm until about 10:30pm and there weren't any bands playing that we actually knew, so we went for a wonder and looked around the stalls that were there instead.

We did stop and watch Echo and the Bunnymen, who personally I'd never heard of, but ah well.

On the Saturday my little sister joined us, along with her friend Chloe. The weather was baking us, so we spent part of the day hiding in the shade.

Mallory Knox were playing as we walked through the barriers, so I made my way to the stage as quick as I could. They were absolutely brilliant! I'd been going on about how much I wanted to see them a few weeks before, so when I found out they were playing I was over the moon!
Later that evening, we headed to the 'Rhythm Tent' to see Devlin play. Ciara and Chloe aren't fans, but me and Louise love him and he was so good live. I thought it was nice how he changed some of the lyrics in 'London city' to 'Coventry city'

On the Sunday, the final day of the festival it finished at 7:00pm. There weren't any bands Ciara or I were interested in seeing, so we spent a lot of the day sunbathing and having another mooch around the stalls and of course, eating unhealthy festival food. If you don't put mayo and ketchup on your chips, you're missing out.

I had such a good weekend and it was a complete bonus that you don't have to pay to get in. We were also lucky that Ciara is living in halls in Coventry so we didn't have to travel back and forth from Birmingham everyday or pay to stay somewhere.
Free festivals are a great way of seeing new bands that you wouldn't usually listen to and in my case, see people perform that you love, so I'd definitely encourage you to go to any ones local to you!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Week In Pictures #27: Well this is a heartfelt melody

Had such a good week, there was a nice trip to the pub earlier in the week and the highlight being this weekend at Godiva fest in Coventry, which I'll be writing a separate post about later in the week.

1. Sutton Carnival. 2. Sweet potato chips. 3. Crystals and gemstones.
4. Starbucks. 5. Downgraded my cigs cause I'm poor. 6. Driving to Coventry.
7. Mallory Knox. 8. My beautiful sister and I. 9. Devlin.

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Macara

Another product I picked up on my most recent make up shop was Collections extreme coloured lengthening mascara. I've tried plenty of mascaras and usually end up going back to Rimmel, but I'm really impressed with this one. As you can see, it really does lengthen lashes, and gives them a bit more thickness but not too much. At £2.99, it's more than half the price of the mascara I usually go for, so I will definitely be buying this again and would recommend it completely.

Have you tried this mascara before or would you be tempted to buy it now?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gothic Summer

With the weather being gorgeous on Sunday, a dress had to be worn. I've had this from inlovewithfashion, hung up on my wardrobe for months, yet I'd never worn it! I blogged about buying it in January, but I'd never had an opportunity to wear it as usually when the weather is nice, I go for a more colourful outfit. I love the lace waist and the sheer skirt, so I decided to channel my inner goth and wear it regardless. I have brightened it up a little bit with my neon pink necklace from Primark, so it's a bit more colourful and of course it's being worn with my doc martens, which are basically the love of my life! On Sunday, I went to a small carnival in the local park, however me and my friend Ciara didn't get there until 5:30, about an hour before it finished, so by then the weather had cooled down a lot. Luckily, I took my leather jacket with me! Now that I've worn this once and loved it, I can see it becoming one of my go-to items for the rest of the summer.