Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pretty Please #9 Autumn Winds

All of these are on my wishlist right now and I'm so gutted I'm skint! I tried to find the MUA Brow kit earlier today, but they didn't have it in the Superdrug I went to, so I got my usual Rimmel eyebrow pencil. The wonderland collection is basically made for me, I love glitter and anything even slightly related to Alice in Wonderland!

MUA Eyebrow Kit / H&M Wool Jumper / Missguided Skater Skirt /
  Missguided Boots / Models Own Wonderland Collection

Sunday, 28 October 2012

WIP #13: Food, drink and Halloween

1. So so nice. 2. £3 in Republics sale! 3. Getting ready to go out. 4. Free champagne thanks
 5. Cocoloco. 6. Working on the train.  7. Road wars. 8. Sugar Skull for Halloween.
 9. Outfit for Halloween. 10. Greatest ever.

I'm really not happy with my blog at the moment, but with uni and travelling to and from Birmingham and being there without my laptop it's difficult to keep up with regular blogging. As well as that, I've been trying to spend very little recently, due to my student loan quickly declining. Saying that, there are a few products I have my eye on to purchase review and a few other ideas for posts, so bear with me!

Catherine x

Friday, 26 October 2012

Pudsey's have a makeover

Designers have collaborated with BBC Children in Need and gave Pudsey bear a bit of a makeover. Prada to Westwood, Gucci to Burberry. Over 30 designers have used their creative skills to help raise money for the charity.

The bears are being exhibited in Selfridge's in London and Manchester until the 14th November 2012, when they will then be auctioned off, expecting to make a huge amount of money.

My favourites have to be Victoria Beckhams (7th, bottom row) and Giles Deacons (2nd, second row).
What are

Monday, 22 October 2012

WIP #12: And now I sleep, sleep the hours that I can't weep

Spent so much of last week drunk it's ridiculous. Went back to Birmingham for a bit and arranged Halloween! 
1. Hungover af 2. Reliving my childhood 3. Exciting train journey 4. Drunk watching the Lion King
 5. Met Pritchard 6. Strawberry Milkshake 7. First graze box 8. Cocktails
Lunch 10. Carnival 11. Squeezing into a size 6, they were in the sale 12. Halloween make-up
13. Vanity 14. Important reading 15. Drunk 16. Uni work

Friday, 19 October 2012


Glitter nail varnish is everywhere right now, so when I saw this for £1 I had to buy it. I just thought to myself that even if it isn't brilliant, it's only £1. Turns out it isn't bad at all!
Technic - Carnival

I love the look of the nail varnish, however you do need a lot of coats to get a good amount of coverage. I'd actually say dab the brush onto your nails rather than normal brush strokes, otherwise you end up wiping it all off. Despite that, I'd definitely buy it again and/or other colours of it, because for £1 you can't go far wrong. It looks good over a base colour and just adds a little something if you put it on non-painted nails.
You can pick Technic up in Bodycare.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Graze Box

I've had so many leaflets from magazines offering a free graze box, but I've never bothered getting one, well not until now at least. For the last year I've seen so many blog posts about them, but I was literally too lazy to sign up and get one. Well, boredom took over and as I found yet another leaflet in Glamour, I signed up for one! Plus, being a student I shouldn't say no to free food!

  I think the whole concept of graze is great; healthy snacks, cheap prices, convenience and the package is really simple but cute! The grass on the bottom of the box is a nice touch and overall I'm  impressed with the whole thing. So far I've tried the flapjack and jaffa cake snacks and they were both really nice and definitely a good alternative to crisps or a chocolate bar.
Unfortunately, I'm undecided as to whether I'll continue getting them delivered, because I really can't afford to spend money on things that aren't a necessity.
If you aren't a poor student like myself, I would definitely recommend Graze!

Monday, 15 October 2012

WIP #11: With your heart like a stone

I haven't been too great with blogging this week, the fact this post is a day late proves that. Me and my boyfriend broke up last week, so I've been out a lot and trying to keep myself busy, but that means I have a fair few pictures for my 'week in pictures post'!

1. Fish-tail braid. 2. Glitter 3. Uni work isn't so bad 4. Train tickets to go home.
5. 2 for Tuesday tyvm 6. Retail therapy. 7. Important reading 8. My life consists of
9. Ring of fire 10. More drinking games. 11. So nice. 12. Before the UV party
13. Pasta makes everything better. 14.My bby 15. Starbucks with my little sister  16. Out in B'ham


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My new home

I've been in Southampton for just over three weeks now! It seems like so much longer if I'm honest, but I'm not homesick at all. I think I've made my bedroom my own and it feels homely.
With that, I thought I'd do a little room tour post, just because I think my room is sweet and I'm proud of it, although there are a few things I forgot to bring with me e.g belts, jewellery holder which I need to pick up when I go home.

 My desk area

 My going away present from my mother, a cupcake teapot!

 Bits n bobs: bracelets, sunglasses and my 'her' cup ♥

Toiletries in my cute glittery box and a cup of tea that's half in the photo 

Where I spend probably too much time 

Photos on my cork board and all the people I love to pieces and miss 

Jewellery on my cork board, good way of displaying necklaces

My bed, tried to make it look like a double with two pillows, just because I miss my bed back home 

A small selection of my clothes that are hung up, the rest are folded up.

Being able to start afresh in a new room has made me so excited for when I get a house and can decorate it however I want!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stoke, Shopping, Sex on the beach

1. Sunday watching Qi 2. Outfit 3. Chase  Status 4. Waiting at the train station
5. Entertainment for the journey 6. Nearly in Stoke 7. Shopping in Stoke 8. Sex on the beach
9. Pub meal 10. Disney Princess Drinks 11. Illness cure - Vodka Lemonade 12. Look so young
13. Rubbish celeb gossip magazines 14. Night out 15. Breakfast of a student 16. Beaut

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Out of my comfort zone

I can only apologise for the messy background in these photos, there is no clear wall in my room at uni, maybe is makes them more interesting? No, okay.

This is the outfit I wore yesterday, I was meant to be going to uni, however on the way there I was told the lecture had been cancelled. Half of me was happy, the other half not so much because it meant this outfit was wasted! 

I really like the outfit, the shirt is something I wouldn't have dreamt of wearing before and I love my skater skirt!

Shirt + Belt - Primark / Skirt - Miss Selfridge / Doc Martens - Schuh(I think) / Watch - ASOS

Primark are really impressing me at the moment, in the last week I've bought six items from there. Three you can see in this post and I'll be posting about the last one soon. The last being my favourite!

What do you think of Primark, bought anything interesting there recently?

Monday, 1 October 2012

British Glamour since 1950

On Friday, the Writing Fashion and Culture class descended on the Victoria and Albert Museum.
They currently have an exhibition running called 'Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950' and I have to be honest, it was amazing to see so many gorgeous garments in one space. 

V&A Museum
Just a house in Kensington that I want to live in
Art piece in the main reception area
Outfits from a separate fashion exhibition.

Starbucks in London

I have written a review for the exhibition as part of my course, which will be added to the courses blog, but as it isn't up right now, I'm going to post it on my tumblr so that this post doesn't end up too long!

Exhibition Review