Saturday, 1 March 2014

Week In Pictures #9: And I wish I was on the n17

I rediscovered my love for smoothies this week after a lunch time trip to a cafe with a friend of mine and have subsequently been making my own everyday since. Good timing really as I'm trying to improve my diet in an attempt to get a 'beach bod' for my holiday this summer. I've had quite a chilled out week this week, but today I need to get some serious work done as I have a deadline on Wednesday.
1. Drawing. 2. Perfect top knot. 3. Lunch time Smoothies.
4. New candle to add to my collection. 5. Friday night selfie. 6. Finished piece.

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  1. I love smoothies too but I haven't been enjoying them lately since it's been cozy weather, I'd much rather have a cup of tea! Love your hair - you are beautiful! ♥

    Diary of a Singer-Songwriter ♥

    1. Yeah, with it being cold still, a cup of tea is perfect and thank you :) x

  2. such a cute topknot! and I definitely share your love of smoothies!