Tuesday, 18 March 2014

St. Patricks Day

We always keep an eye out for a Mayo flag
As well as the Roscommon flag.

Every year, the Sunday before St. Patricks day, my family and I go into Birmingham city centre for the annual St. Patricks Day parade. This year the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the street was packed with others celebrating the day, everyone was in good spirits, possibly due to Ireland winning the Rugby the previous day (well done Ireland!) and maybe due to a few pints already being drunk. With a sea of Gaelic football shirts, Guinness hats and Shamrock glasses lining the streets the parade began at midday. The St. Patricks day parade is something me and my family look forward to every year and I make sure I travel back from Southampton so I don't miss it. We are all really proud of our Irish roots, with my family coming from Mayo and Roscommon in the west of Ireland, so it's nice to be able to celebrate them. Once the parade was over, we met up with other family members and I also saw my friend and her family. At 3 that afternoon, The Father Teds, a contemporary Irish band, performed in the South Birmingham College, playing a mixture of their own material and classic songs such as Galway Girl, Irish Rover and The Fields of Athenrye. The room was packed with people singing along and The Father Teds were as good as always. The rest of the day was spent back with my family, chatting and having a drink, or maybe two.

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