Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I'm moving!

After wanting to do so for months, I've finally taken the plunge and moved blogs.

You can now find me at
(although it is under construction right now, so please bear with me)

I've been wanted to change my blog for a while now, mainly due to the name situation. Since becoming vegan, I feel Ribbons, Leather and Lace is no longer appropriate, which I'm sure you'll all be able to understand and by having it as caffrinc, it means it matches both my instagram and twitter account names.
 As well as this, I'm going to clear out blog posts that I not longer like or don't feel are relevant to my blog, but redirect many of my old posts to my new blog. 

Thank you for following me on Ribbons, Leather and Lace and I hope you join me over on my new blog.


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