Monday, 10 February 2014

Week In Pictures #6: If I could show you a sign

I spent this week excited to go home on Thursday. I had a pleasant journey home, followed by dinner and a catch up with my sisters. I lost count of the amount of roast potatoes I ate. My weekend was spent seeing family and family and definitely eating far too much.

1. Bored of winter. 2. Train journey home with a healthy lunch. 3. Huge dinner.
4. Friday afternoon. 5. My sisters birthday cake, made by yours truly 6. My nephew and I.


  1. your hair is amazing, how is that long and that healthy looking? i'm also so jealous of that cake, i bet that went down a treat! x

    1. I think I have a good instagram filter to thank for that, I really do need it trimmed!
      The cake must have been good, because I didn't even get a proper slice, so upset! x