Tuesday, 4 February 2014

London calling to the faraway towns

With a sale on train tickets meaning travelling from Southampton to London cost just £10, me and two of my housemates booked our tickets and headed there last Saturday. The timing was perfect as Faye and I needed to visit an exhibition as part of our university course and the Artist Textiles exhibition opened last Friday. I wasn't expecting much the exhibition to be that interesting, but I was pleasantly surprised, with artists such as Miro, Picasso and Warhol featured and plenty of links to fashion.

After the exhibition, the three of us spent the rest of the day walking in the chilly winter breeze and catching the tube around London visiting the typical tourist spots, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, etc. I've only been to London a handful of times, so it was nice to get away from Southampton and go there with my uni friends. I definitely want to go back sometime preferably in the Summer, so we won't be close to freezing.

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