Tuesday, 21 January 2014

So many books, so little time

It's safe to say I never used to be a fan of reading books. Apart from reading Jacqueline Wilson's books when I was in Primary school, I didn't read much else. It wasn't until the summer of 2012 when I decided to read the Harry Potter series, that I discovered that I actually quite like reading. I now tend to read on long car or train journeys, which aren't uncommon due to travelling to and from Southampton for University, or of a night when there isn't much on the TV and I haven't got any work due in. Last year I came across a few authors that I really like. My sister and mother had a few books lying around and I ended up reading them on holiday over the summer. The books in question aren't particularly happy and cheerful in terms of their topic, but they are all so interesting and I found it hard to put the books down. My mother bought me another book by Cathy Glass for Christmas and I spotted a Susan Lewis and three Lesley Pearse books in a charity shop the other day and had to get them. I can't wait to read them all, but I'm currently in the middle of reading Morrisseys autobiography (which is pretty great as well by the way!)

Have you read any of these? Who are your favourite authors?

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