Saturday, 11 January 2014

ASOS Stone Set Bezel Boyfriend Watch

In 2012 I bought myself a watch from ASOS and as I explained here, designer brand watches are out of my price range, so in the run up to Christmas last year I went on the hunt for another bargain. My old watch had become discoloured, which was expected so I wasn't fussed and I knew I'd be able to find one pretty similar to it. I browsed the usual high-street stores websites, but ended up back on the ASOS website, where I found this one. At £25 it was a definite bargain. I love the large face which is surrounded by gems and the chunky strap. I had to have three links taken out, as I have fairly thin wrists, but now it fits perfectly. I'd definitely recommend having a look on ASOS if ever you're looking for an affordable watch. I've been completely happy with both which I've bought from there. 

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