Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas at Kenilworth

What's better than one Christmas a year? Two, of course.
This year is mine and my housemates first Christmas in our house, so it's only right we celebrate Christmas together. As we all have deadlines and are going home this weekend, last Sunday we decided was our Christmas day.

Me, Louise W, Faye, Louise B                                                                                     Thanks for Faye for the photo
Of course we all wore our Christmas jumpers for the day.

We had planned to all have breakfast together, drinking Bucks Fizz and eating fry-up food, but unfortunately we were unable to, however Faye, Louise and I did manage to sit down for breakfast together. I went for Spaghetti on toast and Louise was lovely enough to give us all Christmas cards.

 After dinner and having all got ready, we set the table. 

and had a last minute dash up to the the shop for Christmas crackers.

This was our first attempt at a Sunday roast, made more difficult by the fact Louise W and I are vegetarian and I was having Vegan yorkshire puddings, so I'm really impressed that we managed to pull this off and get the timings just right. It was the first roast dinner I've enjoyed for a very long time.

After dinner we swapped presents. We decided to do secret Santa, because well, we can hardly afford to buy for everyone. Louise W had me and bought me these goodies. So lovely of her to go out of her way to get my dairy free chocolate, Jelly Tots which are my absolute favourite and Coconut shower products from The Body Shop.

After present swapping, we sat down to play Cludeo. I was a little confused at first, it's not how I remember it, as it turns out this is the children's version, however I think it's actually more complicated than the original.

No one won the game of Cludeo, I thought I'd worked out who it was, ended up being wrong but by then we'd checked the solution and everyone knew who'd done it! So, we thought it was about time for dessert. Vegan Chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing.

followed by a Vegan Apple and Blackberry crumble.

With our stomachs full and all of us feeling rather tired, we went to the living room and put on a Love Actually. I'd never seen this before, despite everyone constantly going on about how it's one of those films you have to see.

We all had such a good 'Christmas' and we even had the boxing day blues the day afterwards.
Luckily for us, we have another Christmas day to look forward to that's just two weeks away!


  1. this looks like a perfect christmas day! it was something i never managed to do with my housemates, i'm rather jealous! x

    1. We didn't think it was going to go as plan tbh, we always make plans that never end up happening, so we're luckily this one did :) x