Sunday, 10 November 2013

Week In Pictures #44: I'm done playin' stone paper scissors

This week has actually been such a good one, despite the stress of deadlines. I've been to multiple house viewing, still yet to find the perfect house for a reasonable price, but I'm remaining hopefully. I had a good night out with my friends during the week and a 'cocktail night in' last night turned into us inviting friends friends and getting far too drunk. We had a cat visit us a couple of times this week, we've named him Pumpkin and I also took a step into living a Vegan lifestyle. I plan to only eat Vegan food from now on and I will eventually switch my current cosmetics for Vegan alternatives.

1. Pumpkin. 2. Lunch. 3. Night out with my housemates.
4. The girls made me a cake. 5. Vegan food shop. 6. Firework display

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