Friday, 22 November 2013

The Warehouse Cafe

I'm back in Birmingham for a very long weekend and having not seen my sister, Louise for nearly a month, I thought that was more than enough of an excuse for us to go out for dinner. I met her after she finished Sixth Form for the day and we headed into Birmingham City Center.

After a ten minute walk in the freezing cold, which included us getting lost, we arrived at
The Warehouse Cafe. The restaurant is really cute and cosy, a perfect place to get away from the arctic temperatures outside.

Once inside and seated, we ordered drinks. Louise went for the sensible option of a cup of tea, 

 while I wasn't so sensible and went for a Fentimans Rose Lemonade,
but at least when offered ice, I declined. 

For dinner I ordered the Sweet & Spicy burger and Louise went for the Original.
Both were served with salad and potato wedges which Louise was thoroughly impressed with and gave a 10/10.

When I said it was cute, it really is. The ketchup was even served in mini jars.

The Sweet & Spicy burger was lovely, the contrast of the the pineapple and chili worked really well.
The original burger, which I had a taste of wasn't as impressive, but Louise who is new to the world of Vegetarianism was more than happy with it. 

We left empty plates, well almost empty in Louise's case. She must have been too full to finish her salad. The meal came to less that £20 for the both of us and the service was great. Definitely worth the walk in the cold and I will no doubt be back there soon enough. There is a vegan chocolate brownie on the menu that I just have to try. 

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