Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pretty Please #12

Apart from the freezing temperatures, I love Autumn, especially because it means I get to wear jumpers, jeans and my parka coat that I adore. What's set to make this Autumn even better is the comeback of tartan. Typically 'punk', tartan has been in and out of fashion for years and I'm chuffed it's back, because the high street stores are full of gorgeous pieces. I definitely need to get myself some of these items, I adore the skirt and the crop top is so cute.


  1. need some of these pieces love the trousers ! xox

  2. Love all of these items.
    Think I might have a slight obsession with tartan, haha.
    Great post!

    - Marci | AmourMarci

  3. wow love those trousers, great post! x

  4. I love tartan :D I really like that cute head band and the bag. Such an awesome A/W trend! I found your blog on twitter and am now following you on bloglovin :)