Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ireland Part 2 - Cows, Knock and more Cows

One thing I was stupidly excited abut going to Ireland for was seeing Cows. For the whole journey to the house, I kept pointing out when I saw a particularly cute cow and as you can imagine, in Ireland there was a lot. My brother told me it was like driving with a child in the car because of how excited I got. Well the day after we arrived, my sister, Craig and I went on a walk up the lane in search of cows. Of course, it didn't take very long to find any.

I can understand why people are wary of Cows, considering how big they can get, but they're so calm when just grazing in fields. I'm pretty sure I spent everyday of the holiday asking my mother if I could get a calf as a pet.

On our third day there, we decided to visit Knock Shrine/Museum.

In 1879, six people, varying in age claimed to witnessed a vision of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Knock Shrine has since become a place of pilgrimage and prayer, with over one million people visiting each year. I wanted to get photographs of the grounds, because they are beautiful and perfectly kept, unfortunately the heavens opened (excuse the pun) and we ran inside to the museum to escape it.

 Knock has been described by many of 'the Lourdes of Ireland', with reported healing occurring.

The museum displayed many original items from the late 1800s - early 1900s such as women's make-up items, blacksmiths tools and even had a set up of a typical house of the time. It was incredible to think that a whole family could live in a space like this, with just one bedroom on the side of the house.

The museum was such an interesting place to visit and the grounds really were beautiful. Despite the fact I'm not Catholic, I was still able to understand and appreciate the shrine in my own way. I would suggest that people not be put off places like this because they don't entirely match their views/religion etc, I find it can still be interesting and it extends knowledge if not anything else.

To end this post of a little less serious point, in Ireland it's quite common for animals to escape every so often from their fields. We woke up to a bull in our garden a few years ago, we've had a flock of sheep and a small herd of cows etc in there as well over the years. It's just what happens over there and this year was no different. During a walk up the lane, we came across this cutie.

She had walked out of the field on the right in the photograph, my mother got slightly worried, but all the Cow did was sit there for five minutes and then walk straight back into the field to rejoin her herd.

As ready as I was to come home, writing these posts is making me want to be back there!

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