Thursday, 26 September 2013

Calvin Klein Delicious Truth Lipstick 'Contrast' Review

I can safely say I have become a huge fan of Calvin Klein lipsticks lately and when my student loan is in, a few more will be bought. My most recently bought CK lipstick is this one, Delicious Truth Lipstick in 'Contrast', which is a lovely pink colour. First of all, I love the style of the lipstick tube, it's thinner than most lipsticks, so perfect to fit into a little make up bag. The lipstick is more glossy looking than I would usually go for, but I think because of it's glossy finish it would be a great lipstick to wear on a night out, but it's still wearable during the day. When I've wore it, it has lasted between 4-6 hours before needing to be reapplied, which is pretty good going in my opinion. With just 1.5g of lipstick, it's not going to last a very long time, but when I only paid £1.99 for it from Fragrance Direct, I can't complain at all!


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  2. Wow what a great deal! That color looks good on you too!

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