Saturday, 24 August 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - 210 Sandy Beige

After using Maybelline dream matte mousse and not loving it, I decided to try Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I got 210 - Sandy beige, which I've found to be a fair bit darker than the usual colour I go for, but as I bought it online, I hadn't been able to check it matched and judging from swatches online I thought it would be alright. Luckily, once I put powder over it to set my make up, it doesn't look as dark and the only comments I've had is that it look a little bit tanned, so I'm pretty happy with it really.

If you have oily skin, I wouldn't suggest this, however I think it's great for normal/dry skin, which is what I have. The coverage is great, with the dream matte mousse, it never properly covered up the redness of my cheeks, but this does a great job! The only negative comment I can make is that the bottle doesn't have a pump, meaning I have to pour it onto my hand before application, so it can be a bit messy and I always worry I'll pour too much out and waste some!
It's RRP is £7.99, which I would be willing to pay for the product, however on Fragrance Direct it's just £4.50, so I'll stick to purchasing it from there.


  1. I like this for winter when my skin is dry. I do love the coverage and the finish of it!
    The concealer is great to!
    hareem x

  2. Ugh I find this is ONLY good for dry skin, I used it today and it all seperated on my face and by the end of the day my face was oil galore!! and i don't even have particuarly oily skin :s xxx