Friday, 30 August 2013

Ireland Part 1 - Journey, Gurteen, Derrylahan.

I went to Ireland for a week this August with my family, to our house in Mayo. My Granddad comes from Derrylahan, Mayo and since I was a just a few months old we have been going over there. My parents bought their own house over there in Gurteen, Mayo, sixteen years ago, just a fifteen minute drive from my Granddads house. This year, my parents, my sister Hannah, her partner Dave and their son Caleb, my brother Liam and his girlfriend Jo, my sister Louise and her boyfriend Craig and I went over. Safe to say we had a house full!

The journey consists of driving from Birmingham to Holyhead in Wales, a boat trip of three and a half hours and another drive, from Dublin to Mayo. All in all, it takes about thirteen hours.

Having dinner on the boat, i had to get some Tayto crisps!

This is my parents house in Ireland, a three bedroom bungalow, built in the fifties I believe.
I apologise for the picture being a bit rubbishy, I was only able to get a photo of the house without cars in front of it when I was in the car myself.
Up until a couple of years ago, our closest neighbour was a twenty minute walk away, a family bought the land beside ours and have built a house on it, so we now have neighbours and they have sheep!

The day after we arrived, we went up to my Granddads house to check on it, he is usually in Ireland around the same time as us and we go up to see him, but this year he went earlier in the summer. Despite the house being empty, it would be weird to not have gone up there.

The house was built in the early 1900's and was originally just a three room house, which my Granddad, his parents and seven brothers and sister shared! Could you imagine living like that now?
After my great-granddparents died, the house wasn't used very much and became a bit of a wreck, however my father and his brothers went out and repaired it. It's now got three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

There was once several houses dotted along the lane, however as people died or moved away the houses were abandoned and left to ruin. The house pictured above is the only other 'house' left on the lane, other than my Granddads. It's been empty for about twenty years. I love hearing about the History of the area and what life used to be like back then, because it's such a drastic contrast to how things are now and it makes me feel incredibly lucky.

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