Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day trip to Worcester

Last week myself and my three friends Emily, Ed and Josh took a trip to Worcester. Starting last year, when we're all back from uni for the holidays, we take trips to places in the Midlands for a day out. 

Once in Worcester, we walked to the river, intending to have lunch in a little pub that is along side it, well once we saw the prices on the menu, that plan went out the window!

After sitting by the river for a bit, we went to see the Cathedral...
 ...where me and Josh decided that parts of it looked like Hogwarts, which we were quite impressed with.

Afterwards, we walked back into the middle of town to eat. We came across Bytheways cafe and it was the smoothies that made us go in.
 After lunch we went to the Museum and Art Gallery

 And naturally ended the day with a trip to the pub. I just can't say no to a vodka lemonade.

Is there anywhere in the midlands that you'd recommend taking a trip to?

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