Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week In Pictures #29: Kiss me hard before you go

Had such a good week! Saw monsters university while drunk, spent time with my nephew, had a night out with my friends and was organising my fathers 50th party as well. The party was great and I might do a post about it later in the week once I've sorted through the photos.

1. Pretty. 2. Debating bleaching my hair. 3. Mini-fab.
4. Ice blast and Monsters University! 5. Passed first year of uni. 6. War wounds after a night out.
7. Bleached my hair. 8. Cupcakes for my fathers party. 9. Finished birthday cake.(It tastes so good btw)
10. Favourite shoes. 11. FOTD. 12. Very drunk with Ciara and Sophie.

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