Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gothic Summer

With the weather being gorgeous on Sunday, a dress had to be worn. I've had this from inlovewithfashion, hung up on my wardrobe for months, yet I'd never worn it! I blogged about buying it in January, but I'd never had an opportunity to wear it as usually when the weather is nice, I go for a more colourful outfit. I love the lace waist and the sheer skirt, so I decided to channel my inner goth and wear it regardless. I have brightened it up a little bit with my neon pink necklace from Primark, so it's a bit more colourful and of course it's being worn with my doc martens, which are basically the love of my life! On Sunday, I went to a small carnival in the local park, however me and my friend Ciara didn't get there until 5:30, about an hour before it finished, so by then the weather had cooled down a lot. Luckily, I took my leather jacket with me! Now that I've worn this once and loved it, I can see it becoming one of my go-to items for the rest of the summer.


  1. I love this! Looks really good :)

  2. I love the contrast with the dark dress and the bright necklace :) x

  3. Love the way you've added a pop of colour with the necklace!Xx

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