Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Godiva Festival 2013

Last weekend, me and my best friend Ciara headed to Coventry to attend the Godiva Festival, held in War Memorial park. The weather was almost perfect, as I personally think it was a little bit too hot for me, but I dealt with it and I'm not complaining! It could have rained!

We got to Coventry a few hours before the festival started, so we took the opportunity to bask in the sun and have a few drinks.

The festival was on from 6:00pm until about 10:30pm and there weren't any bands playing that we actually knew, so we went for a wonder and looked around the stalls that were there instead.

We did stop and watch Echo and the Bunnymen, who personally I'd never heard of, but ah well.

On the Saturday my little sister joined us, along with her friend Chloe. The weather was baking us, so we spent part of the day hiding in the shade.

Mallory Knox were playing as we walked through the barriers, so I made my way to the stage as quick as I could. They were absolutely brilliant! I'd been going on about how much I wanted to see them a few weeks before, so when I found out they were playing I was over the moon!
Later that evening, we headed to the 'Rhythm Tent' to see Devlin play. Ciara and Chloe aren't fans, but me and Louise love him and he was so good live. I thought it was nice how he changed some of the lyrics in 'London city' to 'Coventry city'

On the Sunday, the final day of the festival it finished at 7:00pm. There weren't any bands Ciara or I were interested in seeing, so we spent a lot of the day sunbathing and having another mooch around the stalls and of course, eating unhealthy festival food. If you don't put mayo and ketchup on your chips, you're missing out.

I had such a good weekend and it was a complete bonus that you don't have to pay to get in. We were also lucky that Ciara is living in halls in Coventry so we didn't have to travel back and forth from Birmingham everyday or pay to stay somewhere.
Free festivals are a great way of seeing new bands that you wouldn't usually listen to and in my case, see people perform that you love, so I'd definitely encourage you to go to any ones local to you!

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