Friday, 19 July 2013

Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream

I recently got this as a little freebie in Glamour magazine. Often I discard freebies as I always seem to get hair products that I never get round to using, but I saw this was a face moisturiser from Balance Me and thought I'd give it a try.
Up until now, I've been using Skin System moisturiser from Asda and have never really tried many different brands before. I really like the look of the bottle, it's neat looking, but not boring due to the use of colour.
Balance Me claim the moisturiser is 'easily absorbed' and I have to agree, it's not greasy and doesn't sit on my skin ages after application. There is a floral scent to it that I love and it smells familiar, but I cannot for the life of my figure out what else I've used that smells similar. A massive plus with this product is that Balance Me's products are not tested on animals and that's something I'm becoming more and more concerned by and checking for when I buy new products. I've definitely noticed my skin feeling less dry since using this moisturiser and if it wasn't for the cost of it being out of my price range, I'd happily buy it, but at £24 for 50ml, it's just not something I can indulge in which is such a shame. However, if you're lucky enough to be able to splash your cash, I'd recommend it!

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