Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week In Pictures #23: Just me and these walls

I seem to mention the weather in all of my week in pictures posts nowadays, but seriously how great has the weather been? I've had a really nice week this week, the sun seems to make everyone so much happier. P.S. the fact I'm on #23 of my WIP posts is scary as hell, this year is going far too fast.

1. Face. 2. On offer for £1, best ever. 3. Homemade smoothie.
4. Shopping with my sister. 5. BBQ on the cloudiest day this week. 6. Beauts.
7. Beautiful new phone. 8. And such a cute phone case. 9. Waiting for the BBQ to get going.


  1. I love innocent smoothies, especially at winter when they have the little hats x

  2. Came across your blog through Kayla, (I'm also at Solent)! It's so inspiring.. x

  3. Your blog is fab and you are too pretty! Definitely followed xx