Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Collection Hot Looks Neon Art

I love neon and I love pink, so this colour is perfect for me. The last pink I had that was similar to this was a Models Own nail varnish, which sadly ran out and I couldn't really afford £5 to replace it. I was doing a spot of make up shopping and in Superdrug, if you spend over £3.99 on Collection items, you get a free Collection Hot Looks nail varnish, so I picked up this.
I've not bought a collection nail varnish in years, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this, but I can honestly say I'm impressed. The brush is wide enough that after just a couple of strokes, your whole nail is covered and when it says 60 seconds drying time, you can trust that. My nails dried quickly enough that I was genuinely surprised and it took just two coats to get an opaque finish.

At just £1.99 for a bottle, I will happily be investing in some more colours from their range.

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