Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week In Pictures #14: With my head in my hands to evade your stare

It was my last week in Birmingham and I said last week that I really hoped it was a good one and I wasn't disappointed. Drinking with friends, spending time with my family and couple of new things purchased. I've come back to Southampton happy and also missing home a little bit already!

1. Fortune Cookie. 2. No Easer Eggs for me. 3. Lichfield for lunch.
4. Followed by the pub. 5. NOTD. 6. FOTD.
7. Making Burgers. 8. New bracelet from my sister. 9. Purchases from Kukee.
10. Knee High Socks! 11. St. Trinians night face & outfit. 12. Out, drunk.

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  1. You look so lovely!