Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pretty Please #4

I'm hopefully getting a laptop from my parents and a lovely blazer from my siblings, for my birthday on the 27th, so I know I won't be getting anything else, but I couldn't help but make a little wishlist.

Looking for Alaska / New Look Bralet / Paper Towns
Essie Nail Polish (Lovie Dovie/ Lilacism) /  River Island Bowler Hat


  1. I love the New Look bralet! I've read Looking For Alaska and wasn't overly keen, but Paper Towns sounds more like my kind of book! :) x

    1. I've read Looking for Alaska before, but it was my sisters copy and I want my own! Haha. My friend recommend I read Paper Towns, so I'm going to have to buy it :) x

  2. Great wishlist, I love Looking for alaska, and I reeeeally want to read paper towns