Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week In Pictures #9: The search for answers is an idiots task

This week has pretty much consisted of sketching and eating sweets. I cannot be bothered to do any work for my other units, I just want to focus drawing for my design theory and practise unit and I cannot wait to be going home for Easter, 10 days!
1. Sketching. 2. Slight addiction  3. Bought solely because it was Hello Kitty.
4. More sketching. 5. Perfection. 6. Bed hair side plait.
7. Forgot I had this. 8. Shopping! 9. Simple OOTD.


  1. I've found a fellow smiths fan!

  2. Your plait is so cute! It should not be reserved for bed time wearing! Even with effort mine doesn't look like that!

    E x