Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week In Pictures #13: You looked at me, my lips went dry

I'm really enjoying being at home and as much as I miss everyone at uni and want to see them, part of me wants to stay in Birmingham. This week I've seen friends, probably drank too much vodka, photographed a shoot for my uni project and had lunch with my sisters. It's been fun and I hope next week is just as good!
1. Ombre ginger! (Review soon) 2. Baby yoghurt and tea. 3. Tea and TV.
4. OOTD. 5. Skittles are my absolute favourite. 6. My nephew has mastered the pout.
7. Shocking stuff in Primark. 8. Hot chocolate in Arctic conditions. 9. Hangover cure.
10. Shopping. 11. Treats from my mother. 12. Lunch with my sisters.


  1. you're so pretty! love your hair!x

  2. aw those are some lovely pictures! Need to get the mickey mouse sweater!


  3. I love your hair in the first picture!

  4. Your nephew is so cute!