Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week In Pictures #12: Punctured bicycle, on a hillside desolate

This week has been a little less busy than last week and I haven't minded at all considering I'm now into my overdraft, although that didn't stop me buying a few things I've wanted for a while.
1. Hair bun gone wrong. 2. Love hearts. 3. Vogue and Glamour.
4. CK purchases. 5. Bikini So Teeny. 6. Go away snow.
7. My cat looking evil. 8. FOTD while waiting to go out. 9. Favourites.


  1. Great photos, I've now started following you on instagram.
    You've made me crave those love heart dip dab things, haven't had one in yearsss

    (loving the smiths quote by the way)

    1. Thank you! Following you on instagram and blogger now :) x

  2. Wow your cat looks so much like mine! They've both got their evil looks perfected haha. That snow is mental as well, we had a tiny bit on wednesday up here (Newcastle), but none since. Thankfully!

    Maxine, xx

  3. mmm love hearts dip!!! :)
    your hair is amazing... so jealous!

  4. 1. Your hair is amazing

    2. I want that easier varnish!

    I am your latest follower on GFC and would be great to follow each other, if you would like to follow back.

    Be great if you could check my two latest sports luxe outfit posts. Would love to know which you prefer: BOY London | Sports Luxe Outfit 1 or Celine Paris | Sports Luxe Outfit 2

    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

  5. I actually thought your hair looked cute. Isn't a messy bun the style? So it's a bit to the side, still cute! And I can't believe it's still snowing. That seems so bizarre to me. I'm a little jealous, I want a winter.

    Little Red Umbrellas

    1. The bun started in the middle and ended up falling after a few hours haha :') and you don't want snow! It's horrible :( can't do anything or go anywhere without falling over or freezing :( x