Saturday, 2 March 2013

This is where all my money goes

I thought I'd do a bit of a mini-haul of the items I've bought recently. I had planned to just include them in outfit posts, however the lighting in my room is terrible and the weather is never good enough for me incorporate the items into outfits I really like. Boo! Admittedly, I'm skint right now, however most of these items I have pretty good excuses for buying, or at least I'm telling myself that.
 First things I bought were my bag and leopard print shoes. My other bag had completely broke, so I think this is a reasonable purchase, I got it from a shop via eBay and it was around £15. The shoes were an impulse buy from Primark and were £5.

This Barbie dress(which I will wear at a top) was another purchase from eBay and only £10, now I may not have completely need it, but I fell in love with it, so I couldn't deny myself it. I got these jeans from New Look for a night out when I was back home, there were £25, but my student discount meant I only paid £22.50!
 I recently sold something on eBay which meant money in my paypal account. The grey skater dress is a copy of Topshop's speckle tee dress, which I have been dying to get my hands on, but I saw this on New Looks website for just £12.99. I then picked up two bargains! The yellow roll t-shirt and black crop top for just £4.99 each. I ordered these and chose the 'click and collect' option, meaning providing you spend over £20 you can pick it up from in-store and save on postage costs.
 On my way back from collecting my New Look items, I popped into Superdrug. My foundation ran out this morning and although I love it, I decided to save my pennies where possible and went for MUA's foundation instead in Light Rose, it was only £4 and I've seen a lot of positive reviews, so I'm hoping I'll love it just as much as my Rimmel. I also picked up a MUA nail varnish, because I couldn't resist the colour and then boring cleansing wipes.

It may seem weird, but I think this is the purchase I'm most excited about. I studied art at both GCSE and A-Level and loved it and I really miss having a sketch book to fill. Luckily for my, one of my units at uni is making magazines, therefore we need development work, meaning I get to be all arty again! This was £4.99 from the works with 99p postage, which is the cheapest I've seen for a good quality A3 sketch book

See, I think my reasoning is pretty decent!
Have you bought anything interesting lately?
Have you starting buying for you Spring/Summer wardrobe yet?


  1. That barbie dress/top is so cool! You have to post a photo of you wearing it!
    I'm so skint tooo after spending all my money on clothes!

  2. Love the bag! I can´t wait to start shopping for summer clothing,it is my favourite season :)

  3. oooh i love the barbie dress! cant wait to see it on - so cool! :) i was obsessed with barbies when i was little!
    Im holding a GIVEAWAY over on my blog at the moment so you should definitely check it out!! :)

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, to find out more please check out my blog!