Thursday, 14 March 2013

Illustration in fashion magazines

As one of my units for University, I'm creating a magazine front cover and trend article. After looking at various magazines, I have decided I was to include illustration in my work, rather than just photography. Of course, this work goes hand in hand with a lot of research and this is where you come in!
I would appreciate it massively if you could leave your comments below of your opinion on illustration in fashion magazines. Whether you like it or not, I'd love to know
Cellardoor magazine

Cellardoor magazine 
Vogue Magazine

I'm sure most of my followers on here are as into fashion magazines as I am and with us being the target audience for such magazines, it'd be great to be able to include your opinions in my development work book.

If you could leave your comment, along with Name, Age and Blog URL that'd be amazing of you!

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  1. I really like it, it makes a magazine a lot more interesting using lots of different types of mediums. You could try using photography and doing illustrations over the top of the photo.

    Lauren, 19,