Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday Shopping

Today, I went into town with my younger sister, (who is brilliant to go shopping with and she thinks the same about me, so we make a great shopping pair) for a more than overdue shopping trip.

Primark jewellery seems to be ever improving, so I'd advise all you bloggers to take a trip and take advantage of the low prices! Buying sunglasses when there is still snow on the ground seemed a little odd, but when I saw these beauties in Forever21, I couldn't help myself, they're beautiful! And anyone who knows me, knows I basically live in shorts, whatever the weather. Recently my favourite pair broke, but I think these two pairs more than make up for it. 


  1. That necklace is lovely. I can't quite make the price out, how much was it? :)

    Maxine, xx

  2. Those black, floral shorts are gorgeous and I love the mickey mouse top

    Kylie x

  3. I looove the mickey mouse top!

  4. Love the Mickey Mouse top so much! :) Think I may just need that in my life.

  5. wow those black shorts are gorgeous! where are they from? been looking for a pair like that for ages.

    just found your blog, it's great, new follower :)

    katy xxx