Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week In Pictures #1: Take of your colours

Restarting my WIP count, considering it's a new year!
My last week in Birmingham consisted of seeing friends, the new years party packing a ridiculous amount of clothes and just chilling out really. Discovered a love for John Green and accepted that I will never sleep at a normal time!
1. Favourite. 2. New Make. 3. New Year Outfit Take 1

 4. New Year 2. 5. 10mm tunnel. 6. Favourite Film

7. Loved this! 8. OOTD 9. Packing for uni.

 10. Hate alarms 11. To Southampton! 12. Shutter Island.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first week of 2013!


  1. the moon shirt and clutch are sick! I'm following you now! Check out my blog and my shop