Thursday, 10 January 2013

In love with fashion

When I saw were offering three items for just £30, how could I resist?
I've always wanted to buy something from inlovewithfashion and this was the perfect excuse, especially as my student loan has just come in.

 Two LOVE items and one Lou-Lou, I cannot wait to wear these out! I've been dying to buy some more 'dressy' clothes, because I always feel so casual when I go on a night out.
 All the items seem true to size, although I'm a bit weary of wearing the crop top, because it is very short at the front, so I think high-waisted shorts are a must with it, but I could resist the sequins. Teal isn't usually a colour I wear, but I liked the studded and cut out shoulders of the top and the dress is just a simple black dress with a lace waist band. 

Have you ever bought anything from inlovewithfashion? What did you think?

1 comment:

  1. Oh man wish I had seen this offer love the green cut top :) x