Sunday, 30 December 2012

WIP #21: This is a story and you're not in it.

Had such a lovely week! I had a great Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing day, which included a lot of food and drinks with friends and family. I've spent a lot of the week sleeping in until 2pm and not going to sleep until 5am, so I need to get that sorted before I go back to uni, which is in 6 days!
1. Lack of clothing = Crop top in Winter. 2. Xmas Nails. 3. Drinks for Emily's Birthday..
4. Presents! 5. Xmas OOTD. 6. My cat being uncharacteristically lovely.
 7. Boxing day OOTD. 8. Forever writing down song lyrics. 9. I shouldn't try to cook.
10.  Hobo OOTD. 11. Night out OOTD. 12. Out with the girls.


  1. weird comment i guess but your writing is lovely!! and also that barbie top is so cute! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm always worried my writing isn't very good, aha xx

  2. cute outfits! Love the nail varnish too xxx

  3. Love your boxing day outfit :) x