Sunday, 2 December 2012

WIP #18: Where are you now?

I'm becoming more and more excited to go home for Xmas. Only 12 days to go!
Everyone at uni is bogged down with work and running out of money, so going out has become a rare thing. Therefore, I've had to find something to do and Made in Chelsea has come to the rescue.
I found a to-do list for 2012 that I wrote at the start of the year and getting my ear pierced again was on there, so yesterday I went about got my anti-tragus done!

1. Yet more Vodka. 2. Studded Jumper. 3. ELLE Magazine. 4. Expressing love for Frightened Rabbit.
5.Favourite Jeans. 6. OOTD. 7.Converted to a MIC fan. 8. Harry Potter DH
 9. MUA Spending. 10. OOTD. 11. Starbucks. 12. Anti-Tragus Piercing.


  1. I love your studded jumper and printed trousers, great pictures :)
    I'm doing a dress giveaway and would love if you could enter xx

  2. gorgeous pictures!! i looove your piercing! :)