Tuesday, 4 December 2012

MUA Pro-Brow Kit Review

My eyebrows are very important to me and I think they are a crucial part of anyone's make-up routine. I don't know why you'd do your whole face of make-up and exclude your eyebrows. They frame your face and in my opinion finish off your look. I've always filled mine in with Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in ‘dark brown’, but after seeing MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit online and many reviews of it, I was really excited to try it out finally!
At £3.50, the colours look very similar to Gosh or Sleeks eyebrow kits, so it is just a version of them for a girl on a budget.

There is a dark brown for those with dark-medium brown and a lighter one for those with light brown-blonde hair, a neutral colour which is a highlighter, a fixing gel, along with a small pair of tweezers, applicator brush and a handy little mirror.

The good points are that the tweezers are actually pretty good, which is often not expected for little make-up sets and they’re pretty handy considering their size, as well as them, the fixing gel is quite useful as well. If you often find that you manage to do your brows perfectly, but there is that hair that keeps falling or won’t stay in place, the fixing gel is a good thing to have.
 That's all the good I can say about the product, sadly.

The brush made it very difficult to apply and I wasn't able to get a neat edge to my eyebrows as it is quite thick. The dark brown colour when applied lightly was too light, but when more was applied it went far too dark and looked almost black. Finally, the highlighter didn't highlight anything; it literally just blended in with my skin.

I'm pretty disappointed with this product, I was so excited to buy it, but I think I'll stick to eyebrow pencil for now as I can get more precision from it. I have seen good reviews for this product and some people have loved it, it just wasn't for me, so even though I’m not a fan of this particular kit, I’d still be interested in trying eyebrow kits, just maybe other brands and find an eyebrow brush that you can work with easily rather than relying on what comes with the kit.

Have you tried this kit? What did you think of it?


  1. I would love to try this but it's a bit too dark:/

    Nice post btw x

    1. Thanks :)
      There is the Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit that has three different shades for eyebrows, so might be better for you, but it's £25!
      I'd suggest getting a cheap eye shadow pallet and just using that! aha :) xx

  2. Nice review!


  3. Wow, you're really pretty :)

  4. this looks great, i've started to see it popping up all over the blogosphere, definitely going to have to try! x

  5. I think Sleek have a really good and fairly cheap one :-) xxxx

  6. Been dying to get one of these eyebrow palettes. I'm hoping to pick one up in the January sales. (Maybe one of the higher end ones if I'm feeling particularly posh) but this MUA one looks amazing for the money! Really like your blog btw :) If you're ever passing through mine make sure you say hi :D x